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Thinking of moving to a new marina or club? We welcome all boaters to consider TRYC

with new member dockage fees starting UNDER $400.00 FOR 2015! CAN'T BE BEAT !

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Just a few yards upstream from the Thames River Lighthouse (one of the oldest on the Great Lakes), lies one of the friendliest little yacht clubs on the Great Lakes. The Thames River Yacht Club is located in the village of Lighthouse Cove, Ontario at the mouth of the Thames River near the southeast corner of Lake St. Clair.

Whether you’re a sailor or power boater our club has a docking membership for you. Many of our members are active in phrf yacht racing. Each year we host the TRY-SEA Regatta which attracts racing yachts from many other clubs on the Great Lakes.


Thames River Yacht Club Objectives


The primary objective or purpose of the Club is to own and maintain its property and conduct the business pertinent thereto for its satisfactory operation – as best possible as a non-profit organization - for the benefit of Club members. 

Additionally, the Club holds dear the following operating values:

 To promote safe boating operations.

 To encourage members to become proficient in the management, control and handling of their boats as well as navigation skills.

 To encourage a `club` atmosphere - a brotherly group of members with similar goals, desires and values with respect to boating (as opposed to a `marina` atmosphere)

 To encourage members to assist one another in all aspects of boat ownership and maintenance.

 To encourage members to take an active part in supporting all club activities.

 To promote and encourage cruising and racing both in-club and with nearby clubs.

 To make a positive contribution to the community.

 To HAVE FUN !!!!





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